Spam Inspector

- Award winning spam blocking technology
- Integrated directly into Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, IncrediMail and Hotmail
- Automatically removes close to 100% of unwanted and offensive email
- Protects your privacy by removing tracking bugs from email
- Hides and deletes offensive images from pornographic spam
- Alerts you to hazardous virus containing emails
- Protects you from illegal email scams and threats
- Self learns based on your incoming email
- Updates filters based on global reports automatically
- Blocks foreign language spam
- Filters email from multiple email programs, and email accounts
- Unique filtering profiles per user or family member
- Automatically approves senders from all Local Address Books, Contacts folders, and Sent Items folders
- Powerful spam reporting to government agencies and ISPs Bounces spam back to the sender
- Alerts you when it is safe to unsubscribe from junk email lists


Anti Spyware

-Reject All Known Spyware
-Stops Spyware in Its Tracks
-SpyNet™: The Internet's First Neighborhood Spyware Watch.
-AutoUpdater: Keep Your Computer in the Know
-System Innoculation: Vaccinate Your Machine
-Tracks Eraser: Protect Your Privacy
-System Explorers: Navigate with Ease
-Secure File Shredder: Shred and Destroy



PopUp Inspector
Say Goodbye to Annoying Pop ups! Popup Inspector's intelligent Popup Inspection Engine can block 100% of annoying pop-up and pop-under ads without interfering with your navigation.


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