Our Systems Are Secure... Security Monitoring Tools

     CEC Systems has a full range of security services to insure the safety and integrity of our clients' mission critical data. As more and more businesses begin to harness the power of the web, reliable, secure public communication will be an ever increasing need. CEC Systems stands at the forefront in providing customers with secure communication solutions.


     If a client plans on transacting business over the Internet and need to protect valuable information, then a firewall is imperative to secure the server from possible attacks. A firewall is a security device placed between the server and the Internet that moderates and documents requests for data access according to a predefined set of security policies. Every CEC Systems server comes equipped with a firewall, which is built and managed by CEC Systems security engineers. Our NOC staff is managed by a network security engineer with over fifteen years of experience in telecommunications cryptography. In addition to the personal firewall, our entire network is secured through a circuit level firewall, providing one more level of security for the mission critical data.

Managed Network Monitoring

     To further insure the integrity of the CEC Systems network, we pro-actively monitor system processes on each machine as well as network activity. These monitoring programs are designed to halt and report any intrusions to the system giving our clients the peace of mind they need to conduct secure business transactions from their servers.

Security Consulting

     Our security technicians are available to assist our clients in implementing additional measures to make their servers more secure. Our engineers excel at finding the right security solution for their needs. By analyzing the vulnerability of the client's system, our team can identify potential risk and then assist the client in configuring their system securely. We can also assist them by recommending policies and procedures which will support their overall system integrity. CEC Systems recognizes that integrating open systems and conducting e-business requires personnel skilled in the highest levels of secure communications.



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