System Monitoring Tools

     Realizing that up-time is of extreme importance to mission critical sites, CEC Systems has built a number of system monitoring scripts into the operating system of each server on our network. These scripts are designed to monitor, report, and fix various system processes according to a set regiment of criteria. With the assistance of the CEC System's NOC staff system administration, operating a secure, stable, and reliable web server has never been easier. This list describes some of the proactive monitoring that is constantly being performed on your server:

Machine Uptime Monitor

     We have scripts that ping the servers every couple of minutes to make sure that the boxes are accessible from within our network as well as from outside our network. If the server cannot be pinged, the script will notify our system engineers immediately. That way, our clients are always confident about the performance of their server and our network.

Web Serving Monitor

     One of our tools monitors the Apache web server on a one minute interval to ensure that it is up and serving pages. Every minute, we request a page from the http daemon. If it does not respond, our script will flag it and test it next time through. After 3 attempts the tool executes a reload on the http daemon. Then a minute later it will request a page again. If there is still no response, after one more attempt, a page is sent to our support to manually look into the situation. This script works to make sure that our clients' domains are serving pages 24/7.

Disk Space Monitor

     Our system also monitors disk space usage through a script that checks the free space on our hard drives. If the available space reaches a dangerously low level, our NOC staff would be notified immediately. So, for example, if the log file(s) begin to grow at an alarming rate, we would be able to prevent the log(s) from filling up the drive and possibly bringing the server down.

Memory Monitor

     This monitoring tool will make sure that no process takes up more than a certain percentage of your machines' available memory. If a process consumes more than the maximum allotment, it will be temporarily killed off and the situation will be reported to our NOC staff.

Port Monitor

     We actively monitor all commonly used ports, not only to make sure that they are open, but to verify that they are actually passing data. The script does this by asking for data. If the port does not respond, it will be restarted by the monitoring tool.

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